Slippery Elm Tea

picture of slippery elm tea picture of dry slippery elm tea

What is Slippery Elm Tea?

As the name implies, slippery elm tea is extracted from the inner bark layers of the slippery elm tree.

Truth be told, this herb was initially utilized by Native Americans as the medicine for regular diseases. Besides, the effectiveness of this natural herb has remained, and current cultivators still propose that patients to use the herb in the type of slippery elm bark tea.

Can I Use Slippery Elm Tea Externally?

Slippery elm bark tea can be used topically and utilized as a successful medicine for rashes and skin aggravations. Despite the fact that the medication ought not to be used on open wounds, the elm tea might be utilized to treat minor cuts, rashes, and heal infected areas brought on by poison ivy or poison oak.

Additionally, patients who have utilized the tea topically, claim improving of burning and itchiness of their skin.

Is Slippery Elm Tea Good for Sore Throat?

Numerous individuals turn to hot drinks in an endeavor to calm down the symptoms of sore throat and common cold. Slippery elm tea is a viable choice for patients who are managing the uneasiness of their sore throat or cold. Slippery elm when mixed with hot water will turn into a gelatinous composition which can soothe and cover the throat lining and mitigate the agony and aggravation connected with sore throats, and other respiratory infections.

Also, drinking the tea can help coughing.

Does Slippery Elm Tea Help the Stomach Lining?

Patients who experience general digestive issues can get some relief when using slippery elm bark tea. The gelatinous composition that makes the tea a recuperating choice for sore throats can have a healing effect on the stomach and the digestive tract by creating a coating layer which will give relief to stomach ulcers, heartburn, and acid reflux. The tea can additionally enhance general digestive health.

Slippery elm tea is a good and safe medication for numerous diverse health conditions and common sicknesses. It is like a heavenly drink that is liked by numerous individuals. Hence, assuming that you are searching for an approach to treat digestive issues, calm a sore throat, or support your health and vigor levels, slippery elm tea could be the most suitable decision for you, and the best part is that it arrives in a delectable drink structure.