Slippery Elm Side Effects

Despite Slippery Elm Side Effects considered to be very little, you should not take this herbal medicine as herbal supplements without consulting your Doctor first, if you are on medication or taking other types of herbal treatments.

Slippery Elm bark should not be used by babies, children or pregnant women without consulting the specialists first – Althought, it has not been established as abortion facts, but slippery elm uses have been reported to have led to miscarriages.

You should drink at least one glass of water when Getting Treated with Slippery Elm as the mixture of the elm powder & water will turn to a gluey gel like substance and will stick to the throat. To stress again, since Slippery Elm Bark Powder can interact with other types of natural medicines and drugs, it’s advisable to be taken on its own only to make sure it will remain safe as natural remedies.

If you are suffering from any Chronic Illness such as Diabetes, you ought to consult your Doctor first, before you take slippery elm powder as a herbal medicine.

Side effects such as allergies are rare in most cases but in case of such incidents if experiencing breathing problems or any swellings, stop this herbal treatment and seek medical emergencies. However, infrequent rashes have been reported in case of topical use in such herbal remedies

Care should be taken when wishing to use Slippery Elm Extracts in any form, that it should only be purchased from trustable outlets in order to make sure that these herbal products are not contaminated with toxic substances, which may cause the user to be poisoned or create secondary side effects as a result.